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Bible Correspondence Course

For many years, the West End congregation has been actively involved in non-denominational teaching of the Bible through correspondence courses published by the World Bible School. Courses are available on such topics as "God has Spoken," "Knowing Jesus," "Born of Water and Spirit," "The Family of God" and many others, including advanced studies on specific topics.

Correspondence courses allow students to study the Bible at their own pace, taking the time necessary for a good, clear understanding of the subject matter. They are also offered free of charge through the efforts of about 20 volunteer Study Helpers at West End.

We are pleased to offer these same high-quality study materials without charge to our friends on the World Wide Web. If you would like to enroll in the World Bible School studies, you may register below by e-mail, telephone or postal mail. We will get your first/Introduction lesson on its way as soon as possible after receiving your request.

Please note that you can register for  World Bible School  Bible Correspondence studies in either one of three ways. Please indicate by checking off if you prefer to study via:

  1. Directly via web.
  2. Email with a teacher.
  3. Postal mail with a teacher.


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Please indicate by checking box if you prefer to study via:    Directly via web.
 E-mail with a teacher.
 Postal mail with a teacher.

If you prefer to study directly via World Bible School, you can register at the following website: https:/


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