Schedule of Services


  Bible Study 9:00 a.m.

  Worship 10:00 a.m., 6:00 p.m.

  Bible Study 7:00 p.m.


An organizational meeting held on May 27, 1948, marked the birth of the West End Church of Christ. Meeting on that Friday were Joel H. Anderson, Sr., Charles M. Camerone, Curtis Franks, Robert Foster, Harry Harwell, John Johnson, M. Howard Sanders, and Mack Tucker.

Twenty-nine people assembled on May 30, 1948, in the home of Dr. J.B. Neil for West End's inaugural worship period. Mack Tucker preached the first sermon entitled, "The Greatest of These is Love."

Through its rich history the West End family has met in four different locations. The congregation moved from the Neil house to Bearden Elementary School on September 12, 1948, then into their newly acquired property on Lyons View Pike on November 18, 1950. On March 26, 1969, the West End family moved to its current 16-acre location on East Walker Springs Lane adjacent to Interstate 40/75. The congregation has flourished from the 29 people who attended the first gathering in 1948 to a membership exceeding 600 members.

On August 29, 1948, Joel H. Anderson, Sr., Curtis Franks, and Mack Tucker were appointed elders and Robert Foster, John Johnson, Dr. J.B.Neil, W. W. O'Guin and M. Howard Sanders were installed as deacons to minister to the needs of this newly formed congregation. Over the fifty-plus year history of the West End congregation, 26 men have served as elders.



Joel Anderson, Sr. 1948-1959
Curtis Franks 1948-1994
J. Mack Tucker 1948-1978
M. Howard Sanders 1954-1972
Ralph McKnight 1959-1961
George Kinnie 1959-1975

Hall C. Roland 1963-1996
Marvis Cunningham 1967-1977
Paul Shirley 1967-present
David Macon 1971-1975
Paul Haubenreich 1971-1988; 1992-1996
James Newbill 1971-2001
Everett Tomlinson 1985-1988
Robert Ward 1985-1995; 2001-2006
Fletcher Luck 1990-1991

Bill Carson 1992-1997

Jim Worley 1992-present

David Rollings 1996-1997; 2001-present
Ray Slate 1996-2001
Stanley Strong 1996-2000; 2006-present
Bob Waters 1996-present
Oliver Cook 2001-2006
Steve Lipsey 2001-2006
Steve Van Slyke 2001-2009

Chuck McCallister 2006-present
Mark Newby 2006-present
Mark Burroughs 2013-present
Kevin Giles 2013-present
Bob Graham 2013-present 

From May 1948 until August 1952, various men of the congregation and occasional guest speakers, notably C.P. Roland and Roy Willingham, performed the preaching duties. In September 1952, Leslie G. Thomas became the first of eight full-time ministers who have served West End.


Leslie G. Thomas September 1952-September 1960
Howard Allen October 1960-September 1963
Hall Roland September 1963-March 1964
Ed Coates March 1964-August 1970
Hall Roland September 1970-September 1971
Tom Huckaba September 1971-August 1976
Tommy Daniel December 1976-October 1979
Roger MacKenzie May 1980-July 1995
Russell Cook July 1995-July 2011
Wayne Miller April 2012-October 2015
Jeremy Weekley January 2016-present 


In addition, several men have served West End as ministers with emphasis in specialized areas. They include:

Associate Ministers

Robert O. Wilson 1977-1986
Roger MacKenzie 1995-1999
Billy Bearden April 2015-present 


Youth Ministers

Glen Laird 1983-1985
Mike Lewis 1986-1995
David Skidmore 1996-2000
Kyle Wright 2001-2004
Paul Davis 2005-2009
Rhett Priode 2009-present


Outreach Ministers

 Dan Reed 1989-1993
Ron Bamburg 2002-2004
Stanley Strong (dual-role) 2004-present


Involvement Minister

 Peter Morphy 2004-2007


 Family Minister

 Rob Hall (part-time) 2004-2005
Rhett Priode 2009-present


Education Ministers

 Matt Miller (part-time) 2004-2005
Stanley Strong (dual-role) 2005-present



As reflected by its mission statement, the West End congregation has been continually involved in mission work to further the cause of Christ by establishing congregations in the Knoxville area and in mission fields all over the world. The congregation currently sponsors missionaries in widely dispersed locations (West Indies, South Africa, Kenya, India and Europe).

West End Church of Christ • 8301 E. Walker Springs Ln • Knoxville,TN 37923 • TEL: 865-693-0801