Christian Education Scholarship Fund

The elders of the West End Church of Christ have authorized the establishment of a scholarship fund as part of our education and mission efforts. A certain portion of these funds is to be used for the advancement of a higher Christian education for students from the West End Church of Christ congregation.
The scholarship fund will be established in several ways. The elders have agreed to set aside a principle amount to start the scholarship fund. Additional monies may be added to the fund by member donations, memorials, bequest to “Christian Education Scholarship Fund,” and any other specific donation source the elders determine to be appropriate.
The principle amount will be invested with the understanding that the principal amount will be protected, as much as possible, from investment losses. The interest or income from the principle account will be available for award by June 1st–15th each year. The amount available for award each year will be divided among those individuals submitting applications and meeting the other terms and conditions of the West End Church of Christ Christian Education Scholarship Fund.
In order for this ministry to be helpful to students before the principle amount becomes large enough to provide the necessary income, initially, one half of the donations to this fund will be available for scholarships. The other half of donations will be placed in the principle account. Donations made to this Scholarship Fund are available to be awarded the following June however, funds may not be directed for any one specified individual.
The scholarship effort will be administered by a committee made up of five members approved by the elders. The scholarship committee will have a chairman to serve as the principal coordinator of committee activities. Each scholarship committee member will be current and active members of the West End Church and will serve on a periodic basis with the elders reviewing the committee membership each year and approving the membership to allow for member participation. The committee will be required to develop roles and responsibilities for the committee and ensure the West End eldership is aware of its activities and report any issues that may be cause for concern.
The Eldership at the West End Church of Christ is responsible for overseeing the Scholarship Committee activities. The Scholarship Committee is responsible for administering the “Terms and Conditions of the West End Church of Christ Christian Education Scholarship Fund”. (The Elders have chosen to do this through the named committee). The Eldership may at their discretion revise, alter, modify, amend, or waive any or all portions of these “Terms and Conditions” at any time.

Terms and Conditions of the West End Church of Christ Christian Education Scholarship Fund

The terms and conditions that must be met as a recipient of a West End Church of Christ Christian Education Scholarship include the following:
  1. The student must submit a written application. Applications may be obtained from any member of the scholarship committee and if available, from the office of the West End Church of Christ.
  2. The student must be a member of the West End Church of Christ congregation.
  3. The student must provide evidence of acceptance to an institution of higher learning affiliated with the Churches of Christ. The Eldership of West End Church of Christ has sole responsibility for determining which institutions meet the requirements of the scholarship fund. Qualifying institutions include but are not limited to; David Lipscomb University, Freed-Hardeman University, Harding University, East Tennessee School of Preaching & Missions, Heritage Christian College and Harding University Graduate School of Religion.
  4. The student must maintain as a minimum grade point average, a 2.5 per semester out of a possible 4.0 per semester.
  5. The student must provide to the Scholarship Committee of the West End Church of Christ, evidence they are maintaining a 2.5 per semester grade point average.
  6. The student must take and complete a 12 hour curriculum per semester or equivalent to receive and maintain the scholarship.
  7. The scholarship award will be renewable on a Quarter/Semester basis. However, re-application will not be necessary after each term as long as all terms and conditions of the scholarship award are met.
  8. The amount of the scholarship may vary from term to term depending on donations and the interest rate on the investment and the number of students making application, however, the maximum amount of monies available per scholarship per school year will not exceed two thousand ($2,000.00) dollars.
  9. The student must exercise the highest standards of Christian morality as a recipient of the West End Scholarship. Any evidence of immoral conduct including but not limited to drunkenness, illegal drug use, fighting, fornication, etc. will be grounds for termination of the scholarship. If this issue comes before the Scholarship Committee the Committee will discuss and make a recommendation to the Eldership. The Elders of the West End Church of Christ will review the evidence and render a decision on whether or not to renew the scholarship. The Elders decision will be final.