Children’s Ministry

Children are expected to mature and live in an adult world quicker than ever. Our desire is that our children would grow up as Jesus did  – “…in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” Luke 2:52. God’s plan for love, learning and living must come from parents in the home. Our goal is to complement and support good family values and teaching through Christian education and relationships.  We offer Bible classes, programs and activities for children of all ages from infants through High School.  Click Here For More!

Youth Ministry  6th-12th grade

We make every  effort to provide students with practical ways of handling daily challenges in a way that pleases God. We focus on 3 Scriptural Expectations: Take In – We are to take in God’s Word and live by each and everyday, as well as taking in everyone into our group no one is left out. Reach Out – We are group ready to reach out to each other when one is in need or hurt. We also have the mindset to reach out to our community and all their needs! Lift Up – Lastly, we want to lift one another up when needed and help those who need encouragement. We also want to lift up God’s Word!  Click Here For More!

We want to connect with Jesus and you! Join us for Bible Class Sunday & Wednesday, Tuesday Talks, weekly fellowship meals, retreats, service projects and more! 
A group for those who are striving to follow Jesus’ footprints as we navigate the next steps in our lives, whether it be continuing education for our career paths or working in our career fields. We have regular devotionals, fellowship activities, service projects, Bible studies and an annual retreat! Come explore the path that God has set for you as we seek Him together!

Young Families

We are young families on the move with little ones. We enjoy sharing our lives and our love for the Lord. We strive to encourage one another as we raise our children for the Lord. 
We want you to join us at our devotionals, social activities and service projects. 
Growing Families
We are growing families with teens in the Youth Group. We are in the busy season of life! We enjoy connecting through Youth Ministry activities & serving alongside each other with our teens as we strive to grow more Christlike in our daily lives.
Join us as we support one another and enjoy fellowship together!


Empty Nesters

We are mostly middle-aged 40 and 50 yr olds who are single, married, or have become Empty Nesters with our kids in college or moved out of the home. We are enjoying this new phase of life! Join us as we fellowship together, serve and grow closer in the Lord. 




60s Plus

An active group of 60’s Plus aged adults that are involved in serving the Lord, His church and the community. We meet each month to enjoy fellowship meals and work together on service projects. One of the fellowship highlights of the year is a fall beach retreat.
 WinGS Widowhood Ministry ~ Widows/Widowers in God’s Service
WinGS is a support ministry for those who have lost their spouse. Events and meals are planned for this group so they can gather, fellowship, enjoy outings & seminars and be encouraged by their church family. Come be a part of this fun and active group of believers.