West End Point of Contact: Bo Pierce
Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies

Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies

formerly East Tennessee School of Preaching
6612 Beaver Ridge Road
Knoxville, TN 37931
Phone: (865) 691-7444
Area of Work: Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies

Knoxville Christian School

11549 Snyder Road Farragut, TN 37932
Phone: (865) 966-7060
Area of Work: Knoxville Christian School
Knoxville Christian School was founded in 1978. It offers an excellent curriculum for children ages 18-month-olds through
12th grade.

Hillbrook Teenage Christian Camp (TCC)

Area of Work: Knoxville, TN
West End Point of Contact: James Bellamy
Hillbrook’s Camp offers week long summer camps to youth. The churches of Christ in the area oversee the running of the camp. TCC is dedicated to the training of young people spiritually, mentally, socially and physically in an ideal environment of a camp, in order that they might render greater service to God, church, home and country. TCC is a non-profit organization under a board of directors of Christian men who feel that this is an effective means of teaching Christ and developing spirituality in our young people. 

Eric Bonner

Mailing Address: PO Box 14799
Physical Address: 3800 McDonald Drive
Knoxville, TN 37914
Phone: (865) 524-0161
Area of Work: McDonald Drive Church of Christ
Manuelito Navajo Children’s Home
12 Theta Street
Gallup, New Mexico 87301
Phone: (505) 863-5530
Website: www.mnch.org
West End Point of Contact:  Kirk Schaad
Manuelito Navajo Children’s Home staff are Christian couples providing a home for children, who for various reasons cannot live with their parents. Other services offered are an education at Gallup Christian School, counseling services, Bible classes and worship with the Gallup Church of Christ. 

Russell DiGiorgio

423 South Jackson St
St. Media, PA 19063-3715
Phone: (610) 565-7400
Email: russneie@icloud.com
Area of Work: Media, Pennsylvania
Russell is a graduate of the East Tennessee School of Preaching and Missions. He is the minister for the congregation of the Lord’s Body in Media, Pennsylvania. This location is outside of Philadelphia on the south side.

Norm & Lynda Goucher

8301 E Walker Springs Ln
Knoxville, TN 37923
Area of Work: Kentucky, Texas, and Georgia
Norm and Lynda have spent each summer working with several small congregations in the United States.

Prison Ministry

Area of Work: Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility and
Knox County Jail
Knoxville, TN
Phone: (865) 254-1767
West End church of Christ, in partnership with Karns church of Christ, provides Bible study programs each week for male and female inmates in Knox County.

Tennessee Children’s Home – East Campus

8550 Harold Duncan Way
Knoxville, TN 37931
Phone: (865) 584-0841
The Tennessee Children’s Home is a beautiful campus on a hilltop overlooking Karns. It is a Level II residential care facility designed for children who may have been abused, neglected or at-risk.

Greg Wanderman

Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies

6612 Beaver Ridge Road
Knoxville, TN 37931
Phone: (865) 691-7444


West End Point of Contact: David Roland

Greg Clodfelter


PO Box 2011 Nyeri, Kenya
Email: gregkenya@yahoo.com
Area of Work: Nyeri, Kenya
Greg has lived and worked in Kenya since his graduation in 1993 from Abilene Christian University. Since 1997 he has served in Nyeri as an evangelist and minister of the church of Christ.

Jerry & Ann Hogg

462 Amanda Circle
Knoxville, TN 37922
Email: jvhogg@charter.net
Area of Work: Sunset International Bible Institute
Jerry and Ann are members of the West End congregation. Jerry works with SIBI International Studies Staff as Dean of Ministry Training for Southern Africa.

Southern Africa Bible College

Kirk Eason 
Memorial Church of Christ
900 Echo Ln
Houston, TX 77024
Area of Work: Southern Africa Bible College
SABC is Africa’s only accredited Bible college south of the equator. The school’s mission is to train local men to preach the gospel to their country.


West End Point of Contact: Curtis Taylor

Eastern European Mission

P.O. Box 670928
Dallas, Texas 75367-0928
Website: www.eem.org
Area of Work: Eastern European Mission
EEM’s principle activity is the provision of Bibles and related literature in the country’s native languages. West End provides monthly support, and our members also participate in their Million Dollar Sunday campaign.

Dr. Bill Wharton

Area of Work: Russia/Ukraine
West End supports Dr. Bill Wharton’s mission work in Dzerzhinsk (Ukraine). The ministry includes: preaching and teaching adults and children, summer day camps for children (similar to VBS), provision of meals for destitute children, and benevolence to selected individuals,especially widows and orphans.

Ukrainian Bible College

21st Century Global Missions

J. C. Enlow, International Director
P.O. Box 277
(2005 South Adams)
Fulton, MS 38843
Website: www.21stcgm.com
Area of Work: Dnipropetrovs’k and Dniprodzerzhins’k, Ukraine
21st Century Global Missions exists for the purpose of recruiting, educating, and encouraging communicators of the gospel in their language, culture, and country. West End provides support for their work with the Ukrainian Bible College.


Bible Hour Television Program

Peter Solomon
Area of Work: India Television Broadcast
West End Point of Contact: William Brown and Kirk Schaad
This Bible program reaches 85 million Tamil speaking people of various nations. The Sainagar local church supports one third of the funding.

West Indies

West End Point of Contact: McArthur Moore

Rohan Hector

Paul’s Avenue
Kingstown, St. Vincent, West Indies
Email: rosharl@hotmail.com
Phone: 784-456-4901 or 784-529-0950
Area of Work: Richland Park, St. Vincent
Rohan is a graduate of the Trinidad School of Preaching. Members of West End Missions met him while in St. Vincent. He was selected to start a supported congregation on the island in the Belmont Village area, which later merged with Richland Park Village to better utilize resources. The merged congregation has experienced growth to the point it is engaged in missions / outreach efforts into other villages.

Bertram Pompey

Brighton Village
St. Vincent, West Indies
Email: bbpompey@hotmail.com
Phone: 784-529-7706
Area of Work: Brighton, St. Vincent
Bertram serves as minister of the Brighton Village congregation. West End provides some support for the work fund of the congregation.

Other Missions

In Search of the Lord’s Way

Phil Sanders
PO Box 371
Edmond, OK 73083
Area of Work: In Search of the Lord’s Way
West End Point of Contact: Bo Pierce
In Search of the Lord’s Way is the TV outreach ministry of the Edmond church of Christ in Edmond, OK. In Knoxville it can be seen each Sunday at 8 AM on WTNZ FOX, Channel 1043.

World Bible School

PO Box 2169
Cedar Park, TX 78630-2169
Area of Work: World Bible School
Point of Contact: McArthur Moore
World Bible School sends Bible study correspondence courses (free of charge) to students through the postal mail, by email, and on the world wide web.

Missions Committee

William Brown & Kirk Schaad – India
McArthur Moore – St. Vincent
Bo Pierce – USA
Bo Pierce & Adam Wilson – Knoxville Region
David Roland – Africa
Paul Shirley – Elder
Bill Tankersley – Chairman
Curtis Taylor – Europe
Bob Waters – Elder